Thanks to our eRX Pharmacy Partners, ePrescribe services are provided to all eIVF providers at no cost.

With eIVF’s eRX, it takes literally moments to prescribe and deliver detailed medication order information to your preferred pharmacy and your eIVF Patient/Donor Portal. You are also able to streamline the prescribing process and eliminate redundant tasks and communication that hamper so much of your clinical staff’s productivity.


While most EMRs charge fees for each provider to utilize an electronic prescription service, eIVF is able to offer eRX at no cost due to the financial support by the following pharmacies.

Unfortunately, the following pharmacies have decided not to continue as eIVF eRX Pharmacy Partners:

  • Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy
  • BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy
  • Optum Specialty Pharmacy/Avella Specialty Pharmacy


These pharmacies will no longer be available on the eIVF eRX screen under “Other Pharmacies”, but you do have the option to choose any or all of the eIVF Pharmacy Partners listed above.


You will still have the option to order from any Surescripts pharmacies by utilizing the Search functionality by clicking on the magnifying glass next to “Other Pharmacies”.  You’ll then need to manually search by the pharmacy’s name and location.