The NEW Smart PGT-A Plus Tests Are Now Available Through the eIVF + Igenomix Interface!

Igenomix’s most advanced 4-in-1 genetic test, SMART PGT-A Plus, enhances the genetic testing of IVF embryos and expands diagnostic capabilities. This state-of-the-art screening solution combines our extensively validated Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology with a targeted NGS strategy using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).

SMART PGT-A Plus goes beyond standard testing by incorporating ploidy analysis, cohort embryo genetic relatedness, and DNA contamination detection. This dual assessment significantly increases accuracy and confidence in selecting the optimal embryo for transfer.

Did You Know?

The eIVF and Igenomix interface allows for one-click ordering of any test on the Igenomix menu, delivering test results directly into the patient’s chart. This seamless integration eliminates the need for individual interfaces for each practice, and it’s offered at no cost to the clinic.