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Designed, Developed & Tested By Some Of The Best Minds in the Reproductive Endocrinology World.

Alan S. Penzias, MD
C. Brent Barrett, PhD
Brian M. Berger, MD
R. Douglas Powers, PhD
Klaus Wiemer, PhD
Lawrence B. Werlin, MD
Michael M. Alper, MD

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designed by some of the best minds in reproductive endocrinology.

The world’s leading doctors have come together to contribute to the design, development & testing of eIVF. With over 200 clinics using our software, our software is the "Gold Standard" in the reproductive science industry.

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we’ll customize to your existing systems while you continue to grow.

Implementation and integration is a breeze when using eIVF. eIVF makes it easy to integrate with existing systems within your practice. It's easy to use, intuitive, customizable, and allows you do what you do best, practice medicine.

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our portals - much more than electronic records management (emr)

Our portals are secure and easy to use. Whether you need a secure a portal for patients to manage their health care journey, or require a tool to manage your patient's treatment plans on the go, your data is available at your fingertips with our Portals.

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  • Provider Portal

    The eIVF Provider Portal presents clinical, admin, financial and research data logically and efficiently. Multiple admins can be created giving them access to different levels of tasks.

  • Patient Portal

    With the eIVF Patient Portal, patients have the ability to securely view their personal health record, 24/7, via the internet. The Patient Portal enhances patient satisfaction, and creates better relationships between patients and providers.

  • Donor Portal

    Automates recruiting, matching and compliance management processes of ovum donor. Contains a comprehensive intake / history form with an up-to-date FDA questionnaire.

  • Pharmacy Portal

    Streamlines the prescribing process and eliminates redundant tasks and communications that hamper so much of your clinical staff’s productivity.

  • PGD/PGS Portal

    A modern data exchange portal that captures and delivers cycle and embryonic development information to PGD labs and displays PGD/PGS results and interpretation directly into the patients’ gamete sheets.

  • Research Portal

    Equipped with the most sophisticated On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine, eIVF Research Portal offers customized, multidimensional analysis to test hypotheses and analyze treatment methods and outcomes.

  • Referring MD Portal

    Streamline the patient referral process by allowing referring physicians and their staff to securely access vital info over the web. Integrate multiple admins, clinical, communication and management tasks.

  • Billing Portal

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