eIVF provides a suite of specialized tools and features aimed at enhancing the fertility journey, promoting seamless interaction and coordination between patients, donors, and fertility practices. Tailored to address the unique complexities of managing egg donors and surrogates, eIVF enriches the path to parenthood with an integrated support system, , streamlining each step of the process for all involved.

eIVF’s Specialized Third-Party Features Includes:

Third-Party Cycle Reference: Within eIVF, we ensure a seamless connection between all cycle parties and the intended parents, streamlining the fertility process for everyone involved.


Easily Identifiable Donor Charts: Our system highlights donor patients with a distinctive maroon heading, ensuring they stand out at a glance. This feature enhances practice efficiency, although it’s adaptable to your privacy preferences regarding anonymous donors.

Sophisticated Financial Management: eIVF is the only EMR system that offers third-party financial management, distinguishing itself by enabling the tracking of payments for patients using donors or surrogates. This eliminates manual tracking, allowing intended parents to handle transactions easily online, promoting transparency and eliminating the confusion and missed payments often associated with manual processes.

Exclusive Donor Portal: Our specially designed portal caters to the unique needs of donors, offering:

  • Easy management of electronic communications with the fertility practice.
  • Convenient appointment reminders.
  • Direct access to, and the ability to sign, necessary consent forms.
  • An online platform for completing donor application forms.


Viewing Available Donors: eIVF provides intended parents with a secure and confidential way to view profiles of available donors, facilitating an informed and personal choice.