With eIVF Billing, you will be able to automate eligibility and benefits verification and easily streamline your medical billing workflow. Also because our Billing module is fully integrated with the eIVF Electronic Medical Records system, you’ll be able to easily manage your billing processes all in one platform.

Never before has it been so easy and empowering to view your most relevant financial information all at once.

With eIVF Billing you will be able to utilize powerful features such as:

Provides a Real-time Financial Snapshot of Your Practice

With eIVF Billing, you’ll have access to a real-time financial snapshot of your practice including:      


  • A/R Aging Summary
  • Production Summary
  • Who Owes Us Money 
  • Top 10 Creditors
  • Top 10 Payors     
  • Top 10 Write Offs/Adjustments

With an extensive knowledge of fertility, eIVF has built a robust billing module with eIVF Billing, which outperforms all other fertility-based EMRs.