Learn more about a collaboration between eIVF and PPS, which is designed to transform your clinic’s billing processes and enhance patient satisfaction. Through a seamless integration of eIVF’s comprehensive billing platform with PPS’s advanced payment processing capabilities, fertility clinics are able to offer patients a streamlined method to manage payments directly through the eIVF patient portal.

Here’s what you can expect with the eIVF/PPS Integration:

    • Accessibilty and Costs: Transition to PPS without affecting your current processing rates and fees. Gain online access to detailed processing information such as sales transactions and daily batch reports.
    • One Step Process: Simplify billing by eliminating manual entry of receipt data into eIVF Billing after each patient payment, saving time and reducing errors.
    • Reduce AR: Empower patients to easily view balances and make credit card payments through eIVF’s Patient Portal, helping to reduce accounts receivable.
    • Recurring Payments: Easily manage recurring monthly payments using PPS’s online gateway and Tokenization feature, ensuring seamless transactions.
    • Billing and Invoicing: Send online invoicing and payment options to patients via email through PPS’s secure online gateway, enhancing communication and convenience.

Explore how the eIVF/PPS integration can optimize your clinic’s billing processes and enhance patient experiences!