eIVF and EngagedMD are excited to announce our collaboration which is set to redefine the experience for fertility centers, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency for fertility clinics.

Our integrated, patient-friendly approach simplifies workflows while also enhancing the overall patient experience.

With the eIVF + EngagedMD integration, you can experience:

Unified Access for Streamlined Operations:  Through our seamless integration, we’ve eliminated the hassle of toggling between multiple platforms, as well as the redundancy of manually entering demographics twice.  EngagedMD is now easily accessible through eIVF’s unified platform, optimizing clinic workflows.

Robust Automated Consent Management: Clinics can now benefit from instant uploading of consent forms. This eliminates the risk of missing or not uploading any consent forms into a patient’s chart, safeguarding both clinics and patients.

Empowered Patient Experience: We’ve redefined patient interaction by consolidating key actions. Patients can effortlessly sign consents and access informative videos, all through the eIVF patient portal.