Supporting your patient's fertility journey by providing a seamless process to apply for a fertility loan

Imagine being able to provide your patients with their options for financial funding even before their initial patient consult. With the ability to offer end-to-end financing options, you can equip your patients with the confidence that no matter what fertility treatment is needed, they will have the means to embark on their fertility journey.

That’s where eIVF’s Patient Portal, in collaboration with our trusted partner CapexMD, can make a significant impact. We understand the challenges your patients face when it comes to financing their fertility treatments, and we are here to support you in providing them with a seamless and stress-free financing solution.

By incorporating patient financing applications directly into your clinic’s patient portal, you can offer your patients a secure and accessible platform to pre-qualify and apply for financing. This integration ensures a streamlined experience for your patients, allowing them to navigate the financing process with ease.

Granted with the power to offer financing options, your patients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will be covered every step of the way. From medication costs to IVF treatments and beyond, our financing options are designed to address all fertility-related expenses. By removing the financial barriers, you enable your patients to focus on what truly matters – their journey towards parenthood.

 A recent case study found that after investing 0.1% in the eIVF/CapexMD interface, an eIVF practice saw upwards of 4X the number of patients applying for a fertility loan in just one month!

CapexMD sees an average of 60% of patients who apply for financing are funded and seek fertility treatment. By offering accessible financing options, you have the opportunity to increase your patient conversions by providing care for the many patients who might not have been able to afford treatment otherwise.

Because the interface is available through the eIVF Patient Portal, patients have the ability to prequalify for financing at any time during their treatment, even prior to their initial fertility consultation. This allows patients the ability to know that no matter what fertility treatment is needed, they will be able to start their fertility journey.

Provide Your Patients With Stress-Free

Fertility Financing

When patients need help building a family, cost shouldn’t get in the way. With CapexMD, all treatment costs are covered under one plan, paid over time on a simple monthly amount.