Our SART Readiness Assessment includes a thorough evaluation of your clinic’s eIVF setup and processes to ensure readiness for SART submissions from eIVF, which includes:

  • List Setups and Mappings: We will review your list setups and mappings to ensure that all fields are appropriately mapped for accurate data collection.
  • Gamete Sheet Recommendations: Our team will review your gamete sheets and recommend any necessary changes to ensure all required SART data is being captured consistently.
  • Drug Setup Review: We’ll perform a comprehensive check of your drug setups to identify potential data collection issues.
  • Cycle Setup and Workflow Recommendations: Our experts will assess your cycle setup and workflow to ensure that data collection aligns with SART requirements.
  • Validation Error Review: We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of SART validation errors in eIVF, identifying current data entry issues. Our team will provide actionable recommendations to minimize future validation errors and maintain data accuracy.

The investment for the SART Readiness Assessment encompasses:

  • – a thorough analysis of your overall SART workflow with actionable advice and tips by an eIVF expert;
  • – a personalized formal report, tailored to your practice’s needs and recommendations.


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