We are delighted to extend to you an invitation to explore a pathway that can transform and elevate your practice. At eIVF, our focus through strategic partnerships is to enhance your clinic’s workflow and stimulate its growth. To help you navigate this journey, we invite you to a personalized session with our Client Growth Specialist, Angela Caddoo.


Elevate Your Practice with Angela Caddoo and eIVF’s Partnerships

Introducing Angela Caddoo, a seasoned expert at eIVF and your guide to our latest collaborative ventures. As our former Implementation Manager, Angela brings invaluable experience and a deep understanding of eIVF’s capabilities, perfectly positioning her to assist in propelling your clinic forward.

Angela Headshot

Why Meet with Angela?

  • Tailored Solutions: Angela is skilled in aligning eIVF’s innovative solutions with the unique requirements of your clinic.
  • Focus on Growth: Her expertise is centered around implementing strategies that not only streamline your operations but also drive your clinic’s growth.

A Glimpse into Our 2024 Innovation Lineup

  • Financing Solutions: Discover CapexMD and PatientFi, integrating end-to-end   financing within eIVF’s Patient Portal for smoother financial operations.
  • Cryo-Management: Embryo Options offers streamlined cryo-billing and management, enhancing this vital component of fertility care.
  • Bi-directional Integrations: See how Igenomix is transforming lab processes, reducing paperwork and improving accuracy.
  • Automated Care: Learn about TMRW’s technology for secure management of frozen eggs and embryos, boosting operational efficiency.
  • AI-Driven Growth: Univfy’s machine learning solutions aim to significantly increase IVF conversion rates, contributing to your clinic’s success.
  • Enhanced Clinic Efficiency: Our partnership with EngagedMD focuses on optimizing clinic operations and patient experiences.

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