Welcome to the eIVF Super User website page, a dedicated space designed to provide exclusive resources and support for our eIVF Super Users.  As a Super User, you play an essential role in your practices as someone who has a greater understanding about how eIVF fits within your practice’s workflow.

On this page, you’ll find a range of resources tailored specifically to meet the needs of our Super Users. From advanced tips and tricks to help you get the most out of eIVF, to early access to new features and interfaces, this page is your go-to resource for all things eIVF.

We’ll also provide regular updates on our latest developments, as well as opportunities to participate in focus groups, surveys, and other initiatives.

We’re excited to have you as part of our Super User community!

Super User Resources

New Super User Application Request Form

To request Super User access in eIVF, we ask that you complete the eIVF Privilege Application Access Request Form.  Please note that the form must be signed and approved by the Practice Manager or a Physician at the practice.  Once completed, the form will need to be emailed to eIVF Support (support@eivf.net).


Not sure if you’re an eIVF Super User?  You can easily check by first logging into eIVF.  If you are a designated as a Super User in eIVF, you’ll see an “S” to the right of the eIVF build number at the bottom of the screen.

eIVF Knowledgebase

eIVF Knowledgebase is an extensive library of resources which includes video demonstrations, step-by-step how-to guides, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting instructions. Resource Forms and Documents located in Knowledgebase include:

  • eIVF Compliance Documentation for CAP accreditation
  • Documentation on eIVF’s compliance with FDA  regulations
  • Form to request custom labels
  • Andrology Worksheet Request Form
  • Training Checklist


Super User Capabilities

To assist with a better understanding of the eIVF capabilities which are available to our super users, we’ve created a comprehensive video.  This video will  take you through all of the features and tools that are available to you from the ability to customize your eIVF setup to the ability to amend items within eIVF.  Led by our expert team, this video will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to make the most of eIVF.  The Super User capabilities video is available through eIVF University/Litmos.  Once you login to LItmos, please click on Content Library and search for “Super User Capabilities”.

Training Resources

At eIVF, we understand the importance of having robust resources to support your EMR needs.  That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive resource document with the tools and resources you need to get the most out of eIVF. From training materials and user guides which can be found on eIVF Knowledgebase to options for virtual and in-person training, our resource document has everything you need.

eIVF University / Litmos

With 75+ online video courses created, eIVF University allows you the ability to learn at your own pace. We have developed customized learning paths for Administrative Staff, Lab Staff, Nursing, Physicians and eIVF Super Users.

All eIVF Practices have dedicated team pages where they can create specialized sub-teams, add new users/employees and assign online videos. eIVF University is free for all eIVF Users.

As an eIVF Super User, you can serve as your practice’s Team Lead, enabling you to manage user access and permissions, as well as assign training courses as needed.  If you are currently not a Team Lead for your practice, please submit a request to eIVFUniversity.com. 

eIVF Super Users Facebook Group

This private Facebook group is a valuable resource for those seeking to learn more about eIVF best practices and connect with eIVF Super Users from around the globe.

As a member of the eIVF Super User Group, you’ll also be able to:

  • post questions to other Super Users
  • learn more about topics specific to Super Users
  • hear about the latest info on eIVF updates and releases
  • have access to our exclusive Facebook Live events

eIVF Strategic Partnerships

At eIVF, our goal is to be your partner in progress.  As we build for the future, we are continuously investing in technology and innovative resources to support your practice’s growth.   We continue to focus not only on bringing the latest enhancements and features to eIVF’s unified platform, but also growing our suite of offerings with innovative fertility partners.

Accessible through our unified platform, eIVF’s 60+ strategic partnerships provide a streamlined experience for our growing network of fertility centers.  These interfaces into eIVF also allow for automation, plus an easier and more efficient workflow for physicians and their teams.

We encourage you to meet with our dedicated Client Growth Specialist, Bailea Mapes, to learn more about how eIVF’s strategic partnerships can drive clinic growth.